As a community organisation, we value the amazing range of skills offered by volunteers recruited through the Volunteer Centre’s bespoke service. Together they promote our ethos, support the wellbeing of our clients and muck-in at events!

Wick Care Farm

Thank you so much for your assistance, I do not know how I would manage without your support.

Community Car Scheme client

This is the only Volunteer Centre that’s been in touch with me since I signed up to Do-it – despite showing interest in some others.  I think you have been great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.


To everyone who worked and helped at last Sunday’s Christmas afternoon tea. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed myself. I spoke to people I had not seen for at least 30-40 years.


I really enjoy helping others and, as I get to know clients and gain a greater perspective of their life and challenges, I also gain a greater appreciation of my own life.

Geena, Volunteer for 14 years

At the initial interview, the Volunteer Centre adviser was great, providing information about all the possible opportunities she thought would match my interests.  My details were passed to my chosen organisation and, although I was advised that it might take a few days before they would call me, the referral process exceeded my expectations as the manager called me almost the same day and we got a date arranged to meet up right away. I am delighted with my new volunteering role.


Once again, we are very appreciative of the work you and your volunteers do.

Peter, Worcestershire ME Support Group

I enjoy being a volunteer and of use to people. Volunteering is a lovely way to put something back into the community.

Derek (Minibus now car driver)

I cannot thank you enough for making our trip such a lovely occasion and look forward to using your services again very soon.


My wife Anne suffered a severe stroke over a year ago and has been confined to a wheelchair since then.

Her left side is completely useless, and she is unable to walk at all. A hoist is needed to get her out of bed to transfer her to the lounge and vice versa.

Excellent carers come in four times a day, but her life is very restricted, and she has hardly left the house.

WAV taxis were available in Evesham, but the costs were quite high because of the travel time to and from Pershore.

We were delighted when Pershore Volunteers purchased a WAV and were going to operate a this as part of their Social Car Scheme and would be pleased to help us.

The Wheelchair was easily fixed in the vehicle and access via a ramp was simple.

We were picked up from and taken back to our house and could have gone within reason wherever we wanted.

We were the first to use this service and as a trial and chose to go to a local coffee shop.

The WAV turned up on time and the driver was excellent and caring. There was space for me in the vehicle which was comfortable.

Both of us have bas passes so the trip was affordable.

Anne was well looked after, and we enjoyed the experience very much.

We will use this service again and have no hesitation in recommending them as reliable competent and professional.

Roger Smith.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV)

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