Eligibility Criteria

To use our Community Transport you will need to meet our eligibility criteria for this service.

Client eligibility criteria and arrangements 

We provide transport for a social purpose and community benefit. This enables people to live, learn and work independently, to stay fit and active, to access medical and vital public services and participate in their community.

Naturally, our car service is based on qualification rather than entitlement, which guarantees that every passenger driven by our volunteers is someone who cannot use public transport and has no other means of transport.

  1. Community Transport is available to people unable to access public transport without support and with no access to their own or family transport, subject to the limitations of the transport vehicle available, eg individuals with limited mobility, a disability, or for other reasons related to age.
  2. All passengers must register with the scheme before making a booking; membership is free
  3. Each scheme will be open for a minimum of 3 hours per weekday – with 24-hour answerphone coverage.
  4. Driver operational times will cover the minimum of 9.00 – 5.00 Mondays to Fridays subject to volunteer drivers’ availability.
  5. Out-of-hours operational times will be subject to volunteer drivers’ availability and subject to the individual schemes’ arrangements.

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