Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer Registration

Volunteers play an important role in our community, so we need some basic information about you.
Some of these details will be passed on to your volunteer placement. This will be discussed with you beforehand - otherwise all information will remain confidential.

We operate under Terms of Agreement between the Volunteer Centre, prospective volunteers and third-party organisations who use our service to recruit volunteers.

  • Using your completed form, we will try to match you with volunteering opportunities that appear to suit your preferences, interests and availability. We may invite you to meet us to discuss possible roles.
  • If you choose a role and ask us to refer you to the recruiting organisation, we email a scanned copy of this form to a named volunteer coordinator. They will contact you to go through their own recruitment process, eg references, interviews and, if required, a check with the Disclosure and Baring Service (free of charge).
  • We will hold your details confidentially and only send them to a third part with your permission.

The full Terms of Agreement are available to view in our office and on our website www.pershorevolunteers.org.uk (click here to view an online copy of our Terms of Agreement for Volunteers).

All data submitted on this form will be treated in line with our Privacy Policy ( click here to view it )

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