Terms of Agreement Between Volunteers and Pershore & District Volunteer Centre

These terms of agreement will be discussed with volunteers at interview before making any referrals to recruiting organisations.

Volunteers will

  1. Approach their volunteering applications in a professional manner, in the same way as a job application, which will help to ensure a successful placement for both parties.
  2. Provide honest and accurate applications, with sufficient detail to enable an assessment of their suitability for the opportunities of their choice, eg experience, background, reasons for applying for the opportunity, availability, time commitment, their needs etc.
  3. Attend an informal discussion at Pershore Volunteer Centre to discuss their motivation, what they hope to gain form volunteering and options available, in order to refer them to the most suitable opportunity.  Decide whether they want their details to be kept on file to be given the option of applying for any new opportunities that match their areas of interest.
  4. Make sure they understand the referral and recruitment process for their selected opportunities.
  5. Advise the Volunteer Centre of any progress, or delays from the organisations concerned; when they are offered a role and the date on which they started volunteering for the organisation.
  6. Make sure they understand what they organisation will provide in terms of induction, training and volunteer support, alerting the Volunteer Centre if this is not delivered.
  7. Contribute to the development of the Volunteer Centre’s service. Provide honest feedback to the Volunteer Centre (or a third party, eg for quality control) about how they are treated by the Volunteer Centre and the recruiting organisation, before and during any volunteering placements.
  8. Advise the Volunteer Centre of any changes in circumstance, eg new contact details, no longer volunteering for the original organisation, no longer able to volunteer, or interested in other roles.
  9. Help to promote Pershore Volunteer Centre, its services and volunteering to a wider audience.

Pershore Volunteer Centre will

Manage the recruitment process efficiently and effectively, acting promptly on information provided, in line with confidentiality and data protection requirements.

.For each volunteer

  1. Make the best possible match between volunteer and opportunity to facilitate a successful, rewarding experience. Establish which volunteer opportunities would best suit the volunteer, using information provided on their Volunteer Registration Form and face-to-face discussions. Agree for which opportunities the volunteer would like to be referred. Advise where we would not feel it appropriate to refer them for a specific opportunity – ideally finding a suitable alternative.
  2. Manage the volunteer’s expectations by advising them of the full recruitment process for the opportunities that they have chosen, including likely timescales. Confirm what volunteers can expect before being offered a placement, once offered a placement, and when in post, ie their ‘contract’.
  3. Follow up volunteers after a referral (via organisation and volunteer) and within 3 months of the notified start date of a placement (via organisation and volunteer). As appropriate, follow-up volunteers not placed after referral, if a placement doesn’t work out, or if their circumstances or needs change (as advised by the volunteer). Follow up volunteers approx 12 months after their initial point of contact with the Volunteer Centre. This may include Survey Monkey or contact from a third-party, eg for quality control.
  4. Proactively contact volunteers who have chosen for their details to be kept on file and notified when new opportunities become available that match their areas of interest.

For each opportunity

  1. Commit to providing a complete description of the roles, tasks, application process and what volunteers can expect in relation to induction and training, ie the organisation’s ‘contract’ with the volunteer. Accurately input all information given about the opportunities.
  2. Commit to promoting the opportunity as agreed with the recruiting organisation, eg within the Volunteer Centre, on its website, in Parish Magazines, local media, social media, Do-it.org and through the database of existing volunteers.
  3. Commit to making informed referrals by screening volunteers to increase the likelihood of a compatible match between the organisation and individual needs. Refer individual contact details using their Volunteer Registration form with a brief background/CV, reasons for applying and any other supporting details provided by the volunteer.F

For recruiting organisations

  1. Promote volunteering opportunities as agreed with the organisation – either a full personalised service or delivering a local element for those who handle their own Do-it enquiries and national promotion.
  2. Offer consultancy and support to organisations about developing possible volunteer opportunities and roles, building on our experience of current trends and volunteer needs, including Good Practice for managing volunteers.
  3. Follow-up with the organisations to determine the outcome of all referrals made.
  4. Promote volunteering and the work of the organisations who use the Volunteer Centre’s service.


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