Terms of Agreement between Recruiting Organisations and Pershore & District Volunteer Centre

Details on back of Organisation Registration Form, for organisation to accept with signature on form, or to click online when completing the online form to say they accept these terms.

Organisations will

  1. Register with Pershore & District Volunteer Centre, providing a completed Organisation Registration Form and signing up to these Terms of Agreement. Ensure any changes in contact details or procedures are passed on to the Volunteer Centre promptly so that we always have the correct details.
  2. Commit to providing full details of opportunities that they want us to manage (whether a new role, updated, replaced or re-advertised), using the latest version of the Volunteering Opportunity registration form. There may be discussions beforehand but we require a completed form prior to any recruitment activity. This form is the basis of your ‘contract’ with future volunteers.
  3. Commit to keeping details of volunteer opportunities up to date: advise us when opportunities are filled, removed, changed etc, and reply to any requests for clarification or more information.
  4. Help to promote Pershore Volunteer Centre and provide feedback, if requested, on the service delivered, suitability of referred volunteers, etc (including to a third party for quality control).
  5. Operate in line with confidentiality and data protection requirements.

For each opportunity

  1. Agree the recommended method of promotion – within the Volunteer Centre, in Parish Magazines, local media, social media, Do-it.org, through the database of existing volunteers. When using Do-it.org, agree who will input details online and handle applications.
  2. State the actual application process to be followed, eg the use of their application form(s), informal discussion, interview (individual or panel), need for references, DBS (& who funds it).
  3. State the support available once appointed, eg general or on-the-job induction; training requirements – type of training, location, number of days, whether one-off or ongoing; named volunteer coordinator/supporter; duration of any trial period; scope for development of opportunity or potential lead-in to paid employment.
  4. Provide full details of the volunteer opportunity, describing the function, role, responsibilities and activities; with a snappy “sound bite” version for publicity.

For each volunteer

  1. Commit to keeping the Volunteer Centre informed of the progress of potential volunteers during the recruitment process, including follow-up of referrals, application forms sent, outcome of interviews, and placements made. This includes advising the Volunteer Centre of unexpected delays or changes, and follow-up of any unsuccessful applicants.  The key date is when a placement actually starts.
  2. Commit to following up all referrals made and looking after volunteers placed with them. This includes delivering appropriate induction, training and management/supervision – as identified on the organisation’s Volunteering Opportunity Form, and providing confirmation of this if required (including to a third party for quality control).

Pershore & District Volunteer Centre will

  1. Manage the recruitment process efficiently and effectively, acting promptly on information provided, and in line with confidentiality and data protection requirements.
  2. Offer consultancy and support to organisations about developing possible volunteer opportunities and roles, building on our experience of current trends and volunteer needs, including Good Practice for managing volunteers.
  3. Promote volunteering and the work of the organisations who use the Volunteer Centre’s service.

For each opportunity

  1. Commit to providing a complete description of the roles, tasks, application process, what volunteers can expect in relation to induction and training, ie the organisation’s ‘contract’ with the volunteer. Accurately input all information given about the opportunities.
  2. Commit to promoting the opportunity as agreed with the recruiting organisation, eg within the Volunteer Centre, on its website, in parish magazines, local media, social media, Do-it.org, and through the database of existing volunteers.
  3. Commit to making informed referrals by screening volunteers to increase the likelihood of a compatible match between the organisation and individual needs. Refer individual volunteer contact details using their Volunteer Registration form, with a brief background, reasons for applying and any other supporting details provided by the volunteer at interview.
  4. Commit to supporting recruiting organisations who self-serve on Do-it and advertise nationally, but choose our promotion and screening services to reach local volunteers.
  5. Commit to follow-up with each organisation to whom a referral has been made, to determine the outcome of referrals and follow up as required.

For each volunteer

  1. Make the best possible match between volunteer and opportunity to facilitate a successful, rewarding experience. Establish which volunteer opportunities would best suit the volunteer, using information provided on their Volunteer Registration Form and face-to-face discussions. Agree for which opportunities the volunteer would like to be referred.  Advise where we would not feel it appropriate to refer them for a specific opportunity – ideally finding a suitable alternative.
  2. Manage the volunteer’s expectations by advising them of the full recruitment process for the opportunities that they have chosen, including likely timescales. Confirm what volunteers can expect before being offered a placement, once offered a placement, and when in post, ie their ‘contract’ with the recruiting organisation.
  3. Follow up volunteers after a referral (via organisation and volunteer) and within 3 months of the notified start date of a placement (via organisation and volunteer).  Follow-up volunteers not placed after referral, if a placement doesn’t work out, if their circumstances or needs change (via volunteer). Follow up all volunteers approx 12 months after their initial point of contact with the Volunteer Centre.  This may include Survey Monkey or contact from a third-party, eg for quality control.
  4. Proactively contact volunteers who have chosen for their details to be kept on file and alerted when new opportunities become available that match their areas of interest.

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