Volunteering Introduction

We recruit and place volunteers who make a vital contribution to many aspects of community life in and around Pershore. This enables charities that depend on volunteers to carry out their work and meet the needs of others.

Everyone can volunteer. All you need is some energy, spare time and a wish to use these for something worthwhile.

What can I get out of volunteering?

  • Gain a sense of achievement and purpose
  • Help others and make a difference
  • Feel involved in your local community
  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Learn new skills or use existing ones
  • Improve job prospects
  • Develop life skills
  • Gain experience in a different environment
  • Have Fun!
  • Enjoy a sense of well-being

Volunteering covers an enormous range of activities so whatever your age, background or experience we will find an opportunity to suit you. Some organisations need people who can fill a regular morning or afternoon shift each week, others are happy with a few hours a month. Even if you are working, there is scope to fit in some evening or occasional volunteering.

One of the joys of taking time out, working part-time or being retired is that you have time to use your abilities to service others as and when you choose. Some roles such as gardening or administration require transport, others such as helping at a lunch club or in a charity shop can be within walking distance.

If you are a younger volunteer starting or re-entering work, you can learn new skills and gain experience to add to your CV. If you are new to the area, through volunteering you can make friends and start to feel more connected to your community. For older people, volunteering calls upon your work and life skills,  is very worthwhile and will give you a sense of value instead of feeling you have passed your ‘best before’ date – experienced Trustees are much valued!

At Pershore Volunteer Centre we offer a personal service to recruit, refer and place volunteers in a wide variety of roles, and to share good practice.  We work closely with local organisations and national charities working in our area to discuss the roles on offer. This means that once you have registered and met us for a 1:1 discussion, we are well placed to match your preferences with an organisation’s needs. This option is particularly useful if you would like to do voluntary work but don’t know where to start. Once you have selected a role, we pass your details to the relevant organisation where a member of their team will take you through their recruitment process. If you will be working with vulnerable people – children or elderly – this will include a DBS check funded by them.  By working together we will find the right volunteering opportunity for you.

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