Volunteer Management

Here at Pershore Volunteer Centre we aim to recruit and place volunteers to meet a wide variety of needs within our community.

We offer all our clients:

1-2-1 style confidential interviews.

close working to signpost to placements & organisations with a brokerage service.
We have links with many local organisations who rely on volunteers. People wanting to volunteer and groups using volunteers can register with us.

In addition, we aim to connect organisations or groups seeking help or advice to the appropriate agency.

We are also members of ‘Worcestershire Volunteers Hub’, please click here for contact details of all members and the areas they cover.

To find out more about volunteering in the Pershore area contact us or visit do-it.org.uk.

Pershore Volunteer Centre offers opportunities

for people who would like to do voluntary work but don’t know where to start
for organisations working with volunteers
for sharing ideas and resources
So what can I get out of volunteering?

an opportunity to help others
a sense of achievement
involvement in the community
a chance to learn new skills
improved social life with new friends
For more information see our Volunteer Centre leaflet.

contact the Volunteer Centre
make an appointment for a confidential, informal interview
choose an organisation you want to help
make initial contact with the organisation
volunteer your time for the benefit of the organisation and yourself
check out our top opportunities on the next page
Click here to download our volunteer registration form.


If you are an organisation wanting to register with us please click here to download the organisation registration form.

If you are an organisation wanting to recruit volunteers please click here to download our volunteer request form.

By working together, we will help to find the right volunteering opportunity for you.

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